Jun 25

Read Before Applying!!! (Must Read)


Edited: Jun 30




● The Application Process This is the process you will go through to becoming a Trial moderator and then a full moderator on Emaginea.


● Step 1: The seasonal application process

Each season will last approximately 1 month. Before applying for staff you must meet all of the requirements below, and you can then make you staff application and wait for a response. During this time you must remain active ingame while waiting for your staff app to be reviewed.

If you are deemed not acceptable to be staff on Emaginea, your app will be denied and you will be given a reason why.

Some staff apps will be denied before the season end, some may not. EVERY staff application will be read and responded to at the end of each season.

No one will be accepted until the end of each season.

If your application is accepted then you move on to step 2.


● Step 2: The interview process

During this step either Ace or Znopp will contact you regarding what time is best to conduct your verbal interview.

You will be asked a series of questions and are expected to answer them immediately.

This is so we know how you can answer questions in the heat of the moment rather than take all the time you need to write out a perfect answer in a staff application.

This way we know if you can think calmly and clearly when answering our questions just like you will have to during in-game decision making when determining how to punish a rule breaker.

If you fail this stage you will be told so and are allowed to reapply again in 2 weeks, if you are accepted you will move on to step 3.


● Step 3: The Trial Stage

During this 2 week period you will be a trainee on Emaginea.

You are expected to help players, help with player reports, and moderate the chat.

You may record any and all evidence of hackers during this time and report it via discord to a higher staff member.

Reach too many false punishments during this stage and you will fail and be allowed to reapply for the next season.

During this stage it is very important to remain active, get to know the community better, and do your job well!

If you do well enough, and have very little to no false punishments then you will become a full moderator! ​



You MUST fit all of these requirements for your staff app to even be considered!

Fail to meet even 1 of the following requirements and your application will be denied!

● You must be able to record videos of hackers/rule breakers at a reasonable frame-rate and quality

● You must have decent past staff experience (banning hackers, muting/kicking...etc)

● You must actually put effort into your application, if I see simple 1-2 sentence answers for questions that are expected to be much longer, you will be denied

● You must have no more than 3 muteable chat offenses in the past 30 days of applying

● You must not have been banned within the past 6 months of applying

● You must be 13 years of age or older! This is for maturity and life experiences to better help you cope and understand the responsibilities of being staff!


When you are done reading this, you can move on to step 1, the application.

To apply you have to copy the template and paste it in a new forum post, then you type in your answer where it says [Answer].


Minecraft IGN



Have you read the entire post above? (Yes/No)









Where do you live?



Have you ever been punished on Emaginea before? If so, explain.



Do you have a working mic and can talk to us?



Can you record videos of hackers at a reasonable frame-rate and quality? (At least 30 FPS, 480p)



What skills do you feel you have that will help the Community?



What past moderating experiences do you have? Please be specific. How long were you staff at said server(s), what did you do there as your time as staff, did you deal with hackers, chat offenses...etc



Do you know any of your current staff members? (Yes/No)



Which languages can you speak fluently?



Why do you think you would be a good fit for moderator?



Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know



Please include your Discord username and # numbers


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