Jun 22


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  • Mods: Optifine Shaders LabyMod 5Zig Minimaps that DO NOT display player locations Armor HUD Direction HUD Potion effect HUD Toggle Sneak Toggle Sprint Cape mods TwitchChat mod Team speak integration Mods Replay mods bspkrsCore FastChat Keystrokes mod PlayerAPI Resourcepack oraganizers ShinyPots TcpNoDelayMod TabbyChat Discord Integration Mod Prplz MemoryFix Prplz MouseDelayFix Cps Display Mod TimeChanger 1.7 animations mod Crosshair mod Schematica [Note, Using printer will get you banned by the anticheat.] Clients: Hyperium Client [Note: Using a build B12 or lower will get you banned, please update.] Badlion Client Zonix Client CosmicClient Cheatbreaker Client OCMC Lunar Client